Luxury Cigar Pick
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Luxury Cigar Pick

  • $400.00

If you're going to smoke a cigar down to the nub, then do it with style!

Your fingertips will thank you as they grip handles made from precious, semi-precious stones, and fossilized coral while each cigar sits perfectly in the grip of a sharp pick crafted from gold, titanium or stone.

And as the smoke winds up in the air, you can admire the gorgeous designs created by Maven Gems' founder, Aaron Hayes, of inlaid gold, cut stone, tree-like whorls, veins of copper and a perfectly cut skull. 

Hours of work go into designing and cutting each one-of-a-kind nubber resulting in a truly unique, handmade cigar accessory. 

Luxury Cigar Pick Options

(Use the menu on the upper left to select the nubber you want to purchase.) 

Cigar Pick with Turquoise Handle and 18k Solid Gold Point

Cigar Pick with Bering Sea Fossilized Coral Handle and Titanium Point

This pick was made using bering sea fossilized coral from the Bering sea and it has a titanium point.

Cigar Pick with Black Jade Handle and 18k Solid Gold Point

This pick is made using black jade for the handle and 18k solid gold for the point, the design, an X with three lines, is set with 24k gold leaf.

Cigar Pick with Charoite Handle and Solid 14k Gold Point

This handle features five subtle V grooves and a stunning purple color scheme.

Cigar Pick with Green Turquoise Carved Skull and Light Green Siberian Jade Point

This pick is made using a green turquoise carved skull and light green Siberian Jade for the point.