Concrete Cigar Ashtray
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Concrete Cigar Ashtray

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Concrete cigar ashtray perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Our simple, modern design includes two asymmetrical ledges for short or long cigars and are wide enough to fit the majority of gauges. Enjoy a toro grande or a petite corona without any problems.

As you smoke, ash tumbles onto the angled sides and collects within the deep, rectangular ash well.

These sturdy concrete ashtrays are cast by hand, sealed, and include a cork bottom. They're also lightweight, averaging 25 ounces.

Due to the hands-on nature of the concrete casting process, each ashtray comes out with its own unique imperfections (air bubbles, scratches, marks, blemishes, hairline cracks). Colors vary from cast to cast as well.

Each concrete ashtray ships bubble wrapped and protected in a sturdy cardboard box.

Dimensions: 7" long x 4" wide x 1-1/2" tall. Ashwell depth: 1-1/4"

Concrete Cigar Ashtray by Vice Merchant Features

Made in New York
Hand Cast
Easy to clean
Lightweight: 25 ounces (average)

Each Concrete Cigar Ashtray by Storcks Design is hand cast and colored in New Jersey by the brand's co-founder, Rich Storck.

The patented ashtrays are triple sealed and feature a natural cork bottom to protect most surfaces. You'll find the smooth groove accommodates the majority of cigar gauges and the ash well is deep enough for multiple sessions. 

These beautiful and functional ashtrays are designed to last years and easy to care for; they can be left outside for all four seasons. To clean, spray them down with a hose or, if you're using inside, dump out the ash in the trash and rinse the concrete. 

Concrete Cigar Ashtray Features

  • Quality Concrete Construction
  • Natural Cork Bottom
  • Made in the USA
  • Patented! United States Patent Number D875,307 (Single Cigar Ashtray)
  • Ships for FREE within the USA