KAAT Marble Cigar Ashtray Collection

KAAT Marble Cigar Ashtray


“The KAAT Cigar Ashtray Collection addresses the needs of cigar aficionados that are also lovers of exquisitely made handmade objects.”

KAAT is an innovative design firm founded by architects and cigar aficionados Michele Cucchiara and Philippos Zannettos. They live for creating luxurious spaces and providing their customers with high-end products they can enjoy for years. Their handmade marble cigar ashtrays exemplify their love of design and quality.

KAAT Collection Marble Cigar Ashtray

Each KAAT cigar ashtray is made from marble and other luxurious stones with care by experienced Sicilian marble workers who are artists in their own right.

We are thrilled to carry five of their most stunning models from the KAAT Collection 2  

  • Persiano
  • Graphite
  • Ardesia
  • Rosa di Sicilia
  • Verde delle Alpi

Each piece is handcrafted for individual customers so please estimate 6 - 8 weeks for delivery.