Wood Cigar Rests by Lord FFK Now Available

Posted by Luis Paredes on

We've teamed up with @LegionConcealment to bring our customers Wood Cigar Rests hand crafted by @lord_commander_ffk

These striking rests are handmade from of a variety of woods. Some crackle with veins of color, while other stands show off beautiful textures and powdery hues.

Two head-turning styles feature a ring inlay that moves freely around the stand's stem. It's a bit like a fidget spinner for a cigar smoker.

This is a limited run of one-of-a-kind wood cigar stands. Each one comes with the artists' logo stamp in the bottoms. And remember, once they're gone, they're gone!

Visit the Wood Cigar Rest collection page to get yours today with FREE shipping: https://vicemerchant.com/collections/wood-cigar-rests-by-lord-ffk

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