Typewriters and Cigars

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typewriter and cigar

I don’t know if it’s the fear that things are going to break down or just nostalgia, but I’ve been on a shopping spree for typewriters the past few weeks.

My first machine, snagged back in January, was an Olivetti Underwood 21 that I bought at the Gramercy Street Typewriter Company in New York City.

The machine’s lines, color, keys, sounds all drew me in and I’ve been hooked since then. And once the stay at home order rolled in here in New York, I bought two typewriters in the span of a few days: a Hermes Baby and a Hermes Rocket.

Above: Hermes Baby with a My Father the Judge Cigar and our Soft Flame Cigar Lighter.

These are two lovely portable typewriters that I’m love using for my creative and business writing. Yes, it does take longer to get what I write from a sheet of paper to a blog post like this one, but I love the experience.

It slows you down and allows for a generous about of self reflection, attention to what you’re doing and care - sound familiar?

Tomorrow, if the weather is nice, my plan is to mix my two vices - cigars and typewriters - into an epic afternoon.

Join the Typewriter Revolution!

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