Sleight of Hands Cigar Accessory Photoshoot

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Sleight of Hands

With a gesture, I bring together some of my favorite Vice Merchant cigar accessories – a handmade ceramic ashtray, brass stands, the Sisuman soft flame cigar lighter, leather case, cigar punch and a whiskey glass and cigar rest. ⁣

Look closer at my hands you’ll spot three cigars that I’ve recently enjoyed - the Davidoff Millennium, a Connecticut house blend from Mount Dora Cigars and Foundation Cigars Charter Oak. The Davidoff Millennium I picked up at an amazing Davidoff of Geneva NYC event in June where I had a chance to roll a cigar and hear Klass Kelner illuminate Davidoff’s history and how it intertwines with his life story.⁣

Sleight of Hands

These photos by Becky Yee captures the beauty and quality of all the unique cigar accessories we carry. From the smooth, cool ceramic surface of the ashtray to the lovely wood grain of cigar rests and pungent leather smells there’s a world of tactile and visual treats to all of these items. They are the ultimate cigar accessories for your collection, photograph beautifully and will look great on your desk or lounge. ⁣

Sleight of Hands

The style and look of this photograph is inspired by the Italian painter, Giovanni Gasparro. 

Sleight of Hands Photo Credits⁣
Photography, Creative Direction: Becky Yee,
Make up: Annette Bragas

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