Nub By Oliva Connecticut Review

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NUB Cigar Review

I have to admit that I'm still struggling to find a balance between life and work. Running two businesses is not easy. Add a two-year-old into the mix and all hell breaks loose. 

Still, I'm finding time for what matters most to me - family and art. Taking a cigar break helps settle my mind and pulls me out of my anxiety. The smoke gives me something natural to look at and admire. Shapes twist, puff and fade into the air. It's soothing.

Which is why I picked this NUB Connecticut to smoke yesterday. It helped break me out of my routine and pulled my eyes away from the computer screen.

NUB Cigar Review

Above: NUB resting on our Whiskey Barrel Stave Cigar Holder.

I'm a fan of short, light bodied cigars and this NUB hit all the right notes. It gave me a chance to draw in deep and exhale wisps of smoke. It tasted just right. Light, smoky, creamy and peppery. Huge fan of the NUB's shape and weight. It feels right.

The last time I had one was in Las Vegas at the Montecristo Cigar Lounge. At that time, I had a Manhattan in one hand. It's the only thing that would have made yesterday's smoke even better. 

NUB purchased at The Cigar Republic (133 East Main St, Elmsford, NY 10523)

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