Cigar Stands from Zimmer Design

Posted by Luis Paredes on

Head's up everyone, we've received a batch of stunning cigar stands from Zimmer Design & Manufacturing out in Texas. These American-made stands are built to last and come in two materials: brass and aluminum (in black and silver).

Why Use a Cigar Stand?

cigar stands

Cigar stands are a simple and effective tool that keep your cigar close at hand and from rolling away. Most importantly, stands ensure your stogie never touches an unclean surface. 

Honestly, think about how dirty that house ashtray gets and how many people use it. Do you really want to chance brining someone else's...whatever...back to your lips. Bring along one of our cigar stands and you'll never have to worry about it.

See the Cigar Stand Collection 

They make an excellent addition to your cigar accessory collection and ship for free within the USA. See the Zimmer Design Stogie Stand selection HERE or browse our entire cigar stand collection.

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