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Enjoying cigar podcasts today means that not only can you listen to some of your favorite hosts, but also watch, chat, interact, and have a virtual smoke with 'em in real time thanks to social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Clubhouse, and Twitch.

We've put together a list of some of the best cigar podcasts you should watch and listen. Check back because we'll be adding more each month.

the Lounge Experience

the lounge experience

Guuuuuusss Morning!

Hosted by Erica Arroyo and Amy Tejada, the Lounge Experience (TLE) blends a mix of audio and visual formats and cross-industry guests to give fans a blast of cigar knowledge, humor, music, and art.

Expect honest reviews and unfiltered opinions along with bouts of laughter.

This is a must-follow cigar podcast if you're tired of listening to a bunch of jowly oafs moaning and complaining about ripped leather chairs at their local lounge.

The Lounge Experience Podcast

The Lounge Experience YouTube

The Lounge Experience Instagram 

the Hot Ticket Podcast

the hot ticket podcast

Talkin 'bout Dongers!

As soon as you hear those drums and snare, you know you're in for a good time with hosts Cory and Chris Allen. With the Hot Ticket, you get a healthy mix of reviews, industry interviews, and WTF moments. Also expect a good dose of unfiltered opinions and fluff-free content which is always welcome in this over-filtered world.

You'll find that it's impossible not to have a good time with these two and their guests. Chris's and Cory's passion for all-things-cigars and irreverent humor make this one of Vice Merchant's most highly recommended podcasts. 

And, like many Hot Ticket fans, we eagerly await the return of Cigar[underscore]CoroHoe

The Hot Ticket Podcast

The Hot Ticket YouTube

The Hot Ticket Instagram

Next Update: November 2021

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